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Creativity is usually the answer.


I graduated from Columbia College of Chicago with a Bachelor's Degree in Film and Video.  I've worked in the Studio System where I gained experience in Production and Post Production.

I also have worked to create a YouTube cooking show called "Home A-Cookin".  Where I helped plan the dishes, shoot the video, record the audio, and edit with any graphics that were needed.

I also have my own YouTube channel where I put my personal projects for competition or fun.  Here you will see videos about traveling, comedies, a spec commercial, and others.



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Some testimonials


"I've known Bryan for some time and he lives his work.  Having worked in the film and television industries in Hollywood for four decades.  I can tell when someone cares for their work, and Bryan definitely is one of those who cares."

- Steven Olson


"It was an absolute dream to work with Bryan and have him take my vision and turn it into a reality that was better than I ever could have imagined."

-Ethan Liebzeit